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Quality Of Products and Services

Our machinery are serviced and maintained by qualified and experienced workforce,thereby reducing wear and tear,avoiding accidents and saving both time and costs. We back breakdowns with a replacement machine to deliver within deadlines. The rock is a fine to medium grained pink massive granite with a grain size ranging between 2mm to 10mm.the value of the rock was tested and certified by geologists and certified by the ministry of Works Housing and construction.

The quality of service and products has been the reason for a continued increase in the client base, notably Spencon services Ltd, Dott services Ltd, Eastern Builders Ltd, Dippsi Ltd, among others. Other than aggregate, hardcore and stone dust; other potential products include custom cut pieces for skirting, stairs, garden decorations, fire place, and vanities among others.

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List of Products

We currently produce and supply the following raw materials/finished products to the local market

  • Hardcore
  • Road chippings
  • Stone dust
  • Solid blocks
  • Road slabs
  • Crush run
  • 3/8 inch aggregate
  • 3/4 inch aggregate
  • ½ inch aggregate
  • ¼ inch aggregate
  • Hollow blocks

we are currently started addition to the aggregate produced through the manufacture.

  • Ready mix concrete
  • Pavers
  • Interlocking blocks
  • Culverts
  • Manhole covers
  • Curb stones
  • Granite tiles
  • Counter tops and slabs
  • Concrete tiles
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